BETAINE PLUS HP (Concentrated HCL) – 90 Capsules


SKU: 1266



Each tablet supplies:

Betaine HCI 700 mg
Pepsin (1:10,000) 10 mg

RECOMMENDATION: One (1) capsule with each meal as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Contains: 90 Capsules
Product#: 1266
NDC: 55146-01266


BETAINE PLUS HP is a source of high potency hydrochloric acid and pepsin in a capsule form. It supplies 700 milligrams of hydrochloric acid and ten milligrams of pepsin per capsule. We have found it to be effective for patients who need larger amounts of hydrochloric acid for chronic hypochlorhydia or achlorhydria (low stomach acid).

This product differs from HYDRO-ZYME in two ways. First the hydrochloric acid in Betaine Plus HP is about 4.5 stronger. Hydro-Zyme has other acidifying agents in addition to hydrochloric acid. Therefore you may have to take a few more tablets of Hydro-Zyme whereas generally you need only one tablet of Betaine Plus HP.



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