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Hi, I’m Winston Greene, B.A., B.S., D.C.. The purpose of this website is to provide accurate information about minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and even various miscellaneous nutrients. For the last thirty years, I have been providing valuable research with detailed resources to make the case about why we should all take nutritional supplements to help us maintain our health.

This is my passion and I have dedicated to my career to helping patients achieve a healthy lifestyle. You can read all about my writing on nutritional and supplemental health throughout the website and also on our news / blog. We also have information on common health problems.

Winston W. Greene, B.A., B.S., D.C.

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The products we provide on this website are of the absolute highest quality that you can buy. If you take our comprehensive free nutritional health survey, we will provide you with a detailed list of recommended supplements. I will personally analyze your survey and make my own recommendations. I take pride in my responses and this is not generated by a computer robot.


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News / From The Blog:

VITAMIN K2 – Essiential for heart and bone health

Vitamin K2: Heart Savior We don't usually think of a connection between the health of our heart and that of our bones, and neither do most doctors. But there's strong evidence that the two go hand-in-hand. People with undetected heart disease are six times more likely...
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**New Product: PHENI-TROPIC? – A Unique Agent For the Brain

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**New Product: BIO-3B-G? – Activated Form of B-Vitamins

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Big News: Fish oil increases your risk of prostate cancer

Big News: Fish oil increases your risk of prostate cancer Did you hear the news that came out last week? A new study found that the more long-chain omega-3 oils you have in your body, the higher your risk for prostate cancer. If you've been reading my newsletter or my...
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