CYTOZYME-F (Female Endocrine Support) – 60 Tablets


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Cytozyme-F (for female) is a source of raw bovine ovarian tissue and other glandular preparations (thymus, adrenal & spleen) from neonatal animals for specific support to the female glandular system, and obviously, the ovarian tissue is not neonatal. In a neonate, there simply isn’t enough ovarian tissue available to concentrate. You use Cytozyme-F as a broad-spectrum support for female glandular functions at one tablet, three times a day. I have found one tablet 3 times daily is sufficient. We use this product mainly for the support of the aged female system. Our patients tell us that they receive great benefit from this product. Occasionally, we will use 2 tablets 3 times daily for the first week and then 1 tablet 3 times daily thereafter if there are severe symptoms.


CYTOZYME-F (Female Combination)

**Each tablet supplies:

Raw Bovine Ovarian Tissue 40 mg
Neonatal Adrenal Complex 20 mg
Neonatal Thymus 20 mg
Neonatal Spleen 20 mg
(raw bovine neonatal gland concentrate)
Superoxide Dismutase 20 mcg
Catalase 20 mcg

SUGGESTED USE: One (1) to three (3) tablets each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Contains: 60 Tablets
Product #: 3012
NDC: 55146-03012



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