Trans Fat Much Worse for You Than Saturated Fat

This study measured the effect of trans fat, found in fried foods and processed foods such as cookies, crackers and pastries, and of saturated fat, found in meat, butter and some dairy products, on blood vessel function and cholesterol levels.

According to the results, the trans-fat diet reduced blood vessel function by 30% and lowered HDL (“good”)-cholesterol levels by about one fifth, compared with the saturated-fat diet. Previous research has shown that trans fats, like saturated fats, also raise LDL (“bad”)-cholesterol levels.

This suggests that trans fatty acids increase the risk of heart disease more than the intake of saturated fats.

The major sources of trans fats in our diet are the ready-made baked goods and fried fast foods. These foods are not labeled, so the consumer does not know how much trans fat he gets.

Trans fat accounts for 4% to 7% of dietary fat intake in the US.

Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology July 2001



This is not really new information, but some people tend to believe that saturated fat is a great evil. It certainly is not healthy in the large quantities that many people consume it. This is largely related to the foods that the animals that we eat are fed.

However, trans fat in bakery goods are FAR worse than saturated fats.

Well, of course the best option then would be to get the new low trans fat margarines, right?

Guess again. Don’t let these companies fool you witass=eir expensive alternatives to the real thing, butter. As I said a few years ago, this new non-trans fat margarine is still liquid plastic. Do you really want a slightly lower cholesterol level with cell membranes that will not function properly???

These plastics were never designed to be in your body. Many of you know I am fond of stating that if you have these or any of the older margarines in your home, you need to seriously reflect on which neighbor or relative that you don’t like and give them the margarine. You do NOT want that in your house at all.

One needs to avoid this trans fat at all costs. Aside from margarine there are many hidden sources of trans fat such as many salad dressings, most all crackers, most mayonnaise (grape seed oil type would be the exception) and most all fried foods.

As I said, butter is a better option. However, when you are on an optimal food choice program, there is no or very limited bread or potatoes so the desire for butter or margarine is greatly reduced.