I A G (Viral & Liver Immune Support)- Upgraded Formula – 100 gm Powder


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I A G is Arabinogalactin powder extracted from the Western Larch Tree. I have seen significant clinical improvement in many chronic immune problems where we had previously not achieved our desired results. IAG is very effective with chronic viral and bacterial problems, chronic hepatitis B and C, inner ear infections, free-radical problems and some cases of allergy, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Our clinical experience indicates that irrespective of what diet and supplemental support is employed, in chronic hepatitis B and C, subjective improvement and control of the liver enzymes and the gamma globulin level is most dependent upon IAG and Dismuzyme Plus Granules. For whatever reason, if the IAG and Dismuzyme Plus Granules are not used, or withdrawn, many symptoms return and the liver enzymes will invariably increase.

IAG is somewhat expensive; however, it is most effective and because it mixes well in water and does not taste bad, it can be used easily with children and adults who have a problem swallowing capsules and tablets.

In order to provide enhanced immune support benefits, Biotics Research has made an important improvement to IAG?. IAG? supplies arabinogalactan from the Larch tree, providing galactose and arabinose in a 6:1 ratio. It is a long, densely-branched, non-starch polysaccharide with a galactan backbone and side chains of galactose and arabinose. IAG? now contains bioactive polyphenolic flavonoids, including quercetin and taxifilin, and therefore now provides antioxidant activity and chemo protective effects. This change has altered the color of the powder and will now appear slightly darker. You may also notice a slight change in the taste due to its polyphenolic content. The new, enhanced IAG? is available now using the same item number (6630) and pricing ($30.90 retail for 100g).

As always, IAG? is Gluten free and GMO free!



IAG supplies Arabinogalactans — long, densely branched, high molecular polysaccharides derived from Larch trees.


ADULTS-One (1) to three (3) teaspoons two or three times daily as a dietary supplement.
CHILDREN-One half (1/2) teaspoon two or three times daily as a dietary supplement.

Contains: 100 Grams
Product #: 6630
NDC: 55146-0663D



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