FE-ZYME (Hematinic Combination) – 100 Tablets


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FE-Zyme is a source of iron, with copper, zinc and vitamin B12. You would use FE-Zyme with anemia, pregnancy where iron need is indicated, in cold hands and feet due to anemia, blue tint to the whites of the eyes (blue sclera), a desire to eat ice and as long-term support where a combination of copper, iron, and zinc is required.

Generally we suggest FE-Zyme at one tablet, two or three times a day with meals. I would strongly suggest that you insure you have iron anemia before you use the product. In general, most people are getting a sufficient amount of iron in their diet, and based upon the thousands of blood chemistries reviewed, cofactor anemia (vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and/or folic acid), is far more common than iron anemia. When attempting to identify iron anemia, always insure the laboratory completes a serum iron or ferritin. This will tell you how much inorganic iron is available to convert to heme. In many cases you will find there is a sufficient amount of iron, but one of the cofactors is insufficient, which may be causing the anemia.

It has been my experience that for every case of iron anemia identified where internal bleeding or heavy or prolonged menses has been ruled out, you will find ten cases of B12 or folate anemia. Probably the biggest cause of iron anemia beyond internal bleeding, or excessive blood loss with menses, is simply the inability to break iron down for absorption through the small intestine. The inability to break down iron for absorption, is a problem involving insufficient hydrochloric acid in the stomach.


FE-ZYME (Hematinic Combination)

**Each tablet supplies:

Vitamin B12 (as cobalamin) 5 mcg
Iron (as ferrous gluconate) 25 mg
Zinc (a zinc gluconate and zinc aspartate) 8 mg
Copper (as copper gluconate and copper aspartate) 2 mg

RECOMMENDATION: One (1) tablet each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Contains: 100 Tablets
Product#: 1703
NDC: 55146-01703



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