BIO-AE-MULSION FORTE (Vitamin A Drops) – 1 Ounce (750 drops)


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Bio-AE-Mulsion is a Vitamin A product in a true emulsified form where one (1) drop contains 12,500 I.U. of Vitamin A. This product is emulsified mechanically to break the Vitamin A liquid down into very tiny droplets about 1 micron in size.

What this means is that you can absorb large amounts of this Vitamin without the toxic side effects of regular Vitamin A such as liver toxicity. This is because this product by passes the liver and its circulation and is absorbed directly into the lymphatic system thereby preventing any toxic side effects.

This product is used in a very soluble, easy to be absorbed form for persons
who want to increase their serum Vitamin A levels.

Please reference Google for the various uses for high dose Vitamin A.



**Each drop supplies:

Vitamin A (as palmitate) 12,500 IU
Bio-AE-Mulsion Forte is an oil-in-water emulsion.
Vitamin A and E oils have been dispersed into microscopic particles to aid in absorption and assimilation.

WARNING: FOR ADULTS ONLY. Use only as recommended unless otherwise directed by a health care professional. Excessive consumption of Vitamin A has been shown to cause serious health problems.

RECOMMENDATION: One (1) drop each day as a dietary supplement or ad directed by a health care professional.

Contains: 1 oz (750 drops))
Product #: 1002; 1001
NDC: 55146-1002; 55146-01001


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