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Freud, Fraud, And Fluoride

Edward L. Bernays, described by the Washington Post as the ‘original spin doctor” was responsible for evolving the pro-fluoridation propaganda and disinformation machine. How anxious he was to put his uncle’s ideas and methods of persuasion into action. (Dr. Y, p143)

“‘those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country?our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of?”

– Bernays, (Propaganda)

Using classical Freudian principles, Bernays maintained that a well-oiled propaganda machine could make the public believe practically anything, even the exact opposite of what had been already proven by all existing scientific research. And this is exactly what Ewing needed in the case of fluoridation.

With help from “experts” of the Manhattan Project, like Harold Hodge, New York State politicians quickly learned which side their bread was buttered on. In May of 1945, the city of Newburgh, NY was the first to “try” fluoridation.

The residents were supposed to be monitored by the state Health Department for ten years. That became the pattern – fluoride is the first drug in history to be tested on the general population with no previous research. Except of course for vaccines.

One of the next cities to fall was Grand Rapids, Michigan. In July 1945, in the face of persistent warnings from the AMA, Grand Rapids succumbed to Bernays’ propaganda machine and began a ten year “test period” of fluoridation in which tooth decay rates would be monitored.

No one asked the question why the testing was being done on humans in an entire city. The project was run by HT Dean, using the statistics of Cox’s original 1931 paper that arbitrarily claimed that 1 PPM fluoride was a safe level to prevent tooth decay, with no research to back it up. Dr. Dean almost single-handedly developed the hypothesis that fluoride could prevent cavities.

He is “the father of fluoridation.” Dean did no research on his own, and in later years, twice admitted in court that Cox’s original statistics were incorrect! (Foulkes, 1992) But the entire system of fluoridation of US city water is based on the admittedly unscientific “findings” of Dean and Cox.

Bernays’ propaganda machine now went into full swing – ads with smiling children with beautiful teeth flooded the country’s media. All anti-fluoride studies and articles were systematically suppressed because they weren’t sanctioned by the big lobbyists for the aluminum and fertilizer industries.

Tons of new literature written not by doctors and scientists but by PR people and psychologists portrayed those opposing the sacred fluoridation as right- wing wackos. Just like in Orwell’s book 1984, they tried to re-write history, to go back and change the findings of valid research, not by doing new research, but simply by new PR.

“I sometimes wonder if the Aluminum Co. of America?might not have a deep interest in getting rid of its waste products from the manufacture of aluminum because these products contain a large amount of fluoride. ?it is interesting to note that Oscar Ewing who now heads up the FSA, the parent organization of the US Public Health Service, and the firm of attorneys he deals with?represents the Aluminum Co. of America.” – Congressman A.L. Miller

Fluoride And The Atomic Bomb

It gets darker. You may want to go for popcorn here. Dovetailing contemporaneously into all the above activity is some mind-blowing information that was recently uncovered by two reporters commissioned to write an article for the Christian Science Monitor.

Working from secret government documents that have just become declassified in the last three years or so, Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson have illuminated a very scary liaison: fluoride and the Manhattan Project.

As we all remember, the Manhattan Project was the WWII secret program which brought the atomic bomb into existence. Turns out fluoride was a key component in the production of this bomb, in two main applications: in the uranium complex itself, and also as a toxic waste material. (Fluoride & Brain Damage)

There was an accident in 1943 that had to be covered up, big time. DuPont was the chemical company charged with producing millions of gallons of fluoride for the Manhattan Project. A DuPont facility in Deepwater, New Jersey dumped so much fluoride into the air and water that things they couldn’t hide started happening in the towns downwind:

* poultry died

* horses got sick and couldn’t work

* cows became so crippled they could only crawl on their bellies to graze

* the peach crop was destroyed

* fluoride content of local vegetables was off the charts

* abnormally high level of fluoride in the blood of the local people

* even the workers at DuPont began to get sick

Now all this may not seem like a big deal compared with the development of the most top secret weapon in history, but the farmers in those towns didn’t know nothing about no atomic bomb. Hiroshima hadn’t happened yet. All these farmers knew was that the chemical company was poisoning the air and the water.

The chief toxicologist for the Manhattan Project was a guy named Harold Hodge. Hodge was the first to notice the horrific effects of fluoride pollution on the local environment, and alerted his superiors in several memos, which have now been declassified.

In true military fashion, Hodges’ superiors took the warnings seriously and thought them worthy of investigation, not because of the dangers to human and animal life, but because of the legal liability to DuPont and the government if the farmers were successful in a lawsuit.

So the head of the Manhattan Project, Gen. Groves, directed Harold Hodge to research the toxicity of fluoride spills for one reason: their own legal defense against the farmers.

Why Was This Never A Movie?

Hodge was granted funding to study the nerve effects of fluoride way back in 1944. It is likely that the research was carried out, but it is missing from the declassified papers.

What a surprise.

Not until 1991 was the there any published research on the neurological effects of fluoride, when it was discovered that fluoride was a powerful neuro-toxin that could affect human brain development and functioning, even at low levels. Even though Hodge collaborated on Mullenix’s research some 50 years after the Manhattan Project, and it is almost certain that Hodge was the one who conducted the missing research in 1944, Hodge maintained a strict silence on the subject.

These guys knew how to keep a secret.

Here’s just one example of the difference between old published versions of fluoride research documents and secret versions of those same documents that have recently been declassified:

Old Version, Published In Journal Of The American Dental Association, Aug 1948:

The men who used experimental fluoride had fewer cavities.

Secret Version, Recently De-Classified:

Most of the men had no teeth left.

Remember, this was the beginning of the Atomic Age. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just the opening act. The game was not world destruction, but rather atomic bomb production.

By 1946 the government and industry were out to arm the world with atomic, and eventually nuclear, weaponry. The billions of dollars all that represented, not to mention the balance of world power (America first) – all this was not going to be derailed just because a few horses died and the peaches didn’t come in one year.

Lawdogs Get A Bone

So here’s what they did. You’ve probably guessed it. Whom do you call when you want to turn water into wine, night into day, black into white? That’s right. Lawyers. But not the local variety. These guys were from Washington.

They knew that if the farmers won the lawsuits, it would open the door to a whole storm of lawsuits, and that could seriously interfere with bomb production. Fluoride was essential. Bomb production was essential. So they did the only thing a red-blooded American could do. They lied their heads off. They proved that fluoride:

* was not the cause of all this destruction

* was totally safe, indeed so safe that –

* it should be added to the drinking water as a nutrient

This took some doing.

Not only did they have the local farmers to bamboozle; the FDA started sniffing around. After some masterful negotiating by Dupont’s FDA lawyers, everyone came to realize that the tremendous liability to which DuPont and the government were both open could be swept away, delayed, and sidetracked by agreeing that the fluoride problem needed “research.”

And who was charged with doing that research?

The US Army!

That should be an unbiased scientific outcome, right?

Ultimately DuPont got away with it. They avoided copping to any serious liability by claiming that to admit how much fluoride had been released into the New Jersey environment was a matter of national security! Without that information, the farmers’ case fell apart, and most of them settled for token sums of a few hundred dollars.

One way the bomb-makers diverted attention from the lawsuits was to take the hint from Harold Hodge’s memo:

“Would there be any use in making attempts to counteract the local fear of fluoride on the part of the residents’through lectures on F [fluoride] toxicology and perhaps the usefulness of F in tooth health?”

And this is where the bomb-makers found willing allies in industry and medicine who saw an angle in using public drinking water as a dumping ground for industrial and military toxic waste.

For the whole detonating story, check out Griffith and Bryson’s well-researched “Fluoride, Teeth, and the A-Bomb.”

Fluoride Advocates Gain Political Momentum

Fluoridation gathered momentum, supported by the billions that could be made from selling a toxic waste to city water providers and the untold billions behind the arms manufacturers outfitting the world with nuclear weapons.

Gradually, the AMA and the ADA, began to soften their views toward fluoridation, until they had made a complete 180-degree shift in their opinion, as cited above.

By 1952, the American Dental Association had turned completely, publishing the articles of radical fluoride advocate Frank Bull in the JADA. Bull’s whole focus was disinformation; avoiding confrontation with actual studies. As the B in BS, Bull put the propaganda theories of Bernays into actual practice.

Next, Procter and Gamble scored big when they got the ADA to endorse fluoride in toothpaste. Any dentists who spoke out against this ADA decision were censured, lost grant funding, or were thrown out of the ADA.

By 1960 the alliance was formed:


* the US Public Health Service

* the Federal Security Administration

* the American Dental Association

* Procter&Gamble.

It was like all the decades of research showing fluoride as a poison had never existed. Anyo EPAringing it up was subject to attack and persecution on any level possible.

Doesn’t The American Dental Association Know The Truth?

You bet it does. Many articles in their main journals, JADA and the Journal of Dental Research, have proven for years that fluoride causes dental fluorosis.

But despite all the pertinent studies and years of research, the American Dental Association is formally in favor of fluoridation! This position has never changed since its 1979 White Paper on Fluoridation. Politics eclipses science, as we see in excerpts like this:

“?opponents of fluoridation are uninformed or misinformed” or “self-styled experts whose qualifications for speaking out on such a scientific issue as fluoridation were practically non-existent or whose motivations are self-serving..”

or the amazing

“? individual dentists must be convinced that they need not be familiar with scientific reports on fluoridation?”

or the old stand-by

“?numerous studies have shown?” although none are ever named.

Always remember – the ADA is a trade union, a lobby whose main purpose is furthering the economic advancement of the dental profession.

The ADA Doesn’t Represent Dental Health.

And in many cases the ADA doesn’t represent the dentists themselves. This is especially true in the class action suit filed by some 40 dentists against the ADA in a DC Superior Court. The charges? Ethical breach of the public trust for recommending fluoridation while failing to inform its members and the public of the widespread available literature proving toxicity.

The American Dental Association has a website which is a masterpiece of disinformation:

At the beginning of the Fluoridation Questions section, we find the standard fluoride advocate disinformation posture in which natural fluoride compounds that exist in many places in nature are presented as the same fluoride, which is added to municipal water.

This is unmitigated, deliberate, fraudulent misrepresentation.

The fluoride added to water is a toxic industrial byproduct in a form nature could never have come up with. Once you realize this simple fact, you will be able to see the rest of the Website Whitewash in its proper light.

While you are reading the sections of this website, just remember that the ADA is a trade lobby, whose mission is to assure people of the safety and efficacy of a drug that is not safe and not effective, so that the interests of its fellow trade lobbies from the chemical industry are best served.

The ADA is a mouthpiece for a huge constituency.

Their website is the modern manifestation of Edward L. Bernays program of disinformation and crowd control, carrying the dogma of Cox, Dean, and Bull into the 21st century

Dr Y gives a good summary of the liaison between the US Public Health Service and the American Dental Association, and their control by salaried employees of the aluminum and phosphate industries, in his Chapter 17. It’s the predictable unholy alliance between big money, lobbyists, and government agencies who determine policies. Just a quick glance:

The EPA And The ADA Sell Out

In 1974, Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act. Political forces cited in the above paragraph caused safe fluoride levels to be set by the EPA at 1.4 to 2.4 PPM! This is after decades of research showing all the above diseases could be caused by less than 1 PPM.

The American Dental Association’s reaction to these new levels? With no new research whatsoever, the ADA began pressuring the EPA to raise the maximum level to 8 PPM!

Their reasoning?

For the past 20 years the ADA had been using 1 PPM as the recommended level. Now they didn’t like the idea of the EPA doubling the ADA’s old recommendation without consulting them. The ADA wanted to be in control, no matter what the effect on the public health.

The ADA was immediately backed by the entire Fluoride Advocate Underworld, because higher levels meant the polluting industries could sell even more toxic fluoride wastes to municipal water suppliers.

Note that the entire controversy for setting the levels of toxicity for fluoride in US drinking water was not based at all on science, but entirely on politics. The EPA was maneuvered into contracting a “new study” of fluoride toxicity to a research group called ICAIR Life Systems in 1985. Dr. Y cites a few of ICAIR’s “findings”:

* dental fluorosis was not an adverse health effect

* teeth with fluorosis are desirable

* skeletal fluorosis has not been found below 4 PPM

* there is no data on fluoride and genetic damage

* there is no data on fluoride as a carcinogen

This is the kind of shenanigans tax dollars are spent on: lies and disregard for decades of important scientific research. But the waste of time and money is secondary to the real issue: these lower primates are endangering public health for their own political advantage and power tripping.

Big news flash, right?

The result of all the hearings, fraudulent reports, and maneuvering was that in 1989 the EPA tried to raise the maximum allowable level of fluoride to 4 PPM!

Today, the recommended level remains at 1 – 1.2 PPM, with the maximum allowable level set at 4 PPM by the EPA.

Now check this out: 4 parts per million is 4000 parts per billion, right, math wizards? OK. 4000 parts per billion of fluoride are allowed in drinking water, according to the EPA. Compare that with the allowable levels of Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury:

Maximum Contaminant Level Allowed In U.S. Drinking Water:

Arsenic — 50 Parts Per Billion

Lead — 15 Parts Per Billion

Fluoride — 4000 Parts Per Billion

Source: EPA National Primary Drinking Water Standards (July 1987)

Remember this citation: “Fluoride is more poisonous than lead, and just less poisonous than arsenic.”

– Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products – 1984

What’s wrong with this picture?

Delayed Reaction

As California Medical Association president Dr. Alesen points out, concentration in parts per million sidesteps the issue, regarding something that accumulates in the body year after year. The EPA is comparing fluorine to vitamins, for which there are minimum daily requirements.

But vitamins are completely used up in a day or less. They don’t accum“It is obvious that the important factor is not the concentration of the fluoride in the water supply, but the total amount consumed.”

That is why fluoride poisoning can be disguised – diseases like skeletal fluorosis may take 25 or 30 years to appear, since accumulation of fluoride in the bones is slow and gradual.

What Do The Real Experts Say?

“When historians come to write about this period, they will single out fluoridation as the single biggest mistake in public policy that we’ve ever had.”

– Paul Connett, PhD, Biochemistry

“Water fluoridation is the single largest case of scientific fraud, promoted by the government, supported by taxpayer dollars, aided and abetted by the ADA and the AMA, in the history of the planet.”

– David Kennedy, DDS President International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

“Sodium fluoride is a registered rat poison and roach poison. It has been a protected pollutant for a very long time.”

– William Hirzy, PhD President of the Union of Professional Employees of the EPA

“sodium fluoride is a very toxic chemical, acting as an enzyme poison, direct irritant and calcium inactivator?.It reacts with growing tooth enamel and with bones to produce irreversible damage.”

– Granville Knight, MD president of the American Academy of Nutrition

Congressional Record, 31 July 56

“I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long range basis. Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable.”

– Charles Gordon Heyd, MD, president, AMA

“no physician in his right mind would hand to his patient a bottled filled with a dangerous drug with instructions to take as much or as little of it as he wished? And yet, the Public Health Service is engaged upon a widespread propaganda program to insist that communities do exactly that?The purpose of administering fluoride is not to render the water supply pure and potable but to contaminate it with a dangerous, toxic drug for the purpose of administering mass medication to the consumer, without regard to age or physical condition.”

– L. Alesen, MD, president of the California Medical Association

Robotry, p14

“Fluoridation is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated and it has been perpetrated on more people than any other fraud has.”

– Albert Schatz, PhD Nobel Laureate for discovering streptomycin

quoted in Sutton’s Fluoridation:The Greatest Fraud

“More people have died in the last 30 years from cancer connected with fluoridation than all the military deaths in the entire history of the United States.”

– Dean Burk, PhD National Cancer Institute — Fluoridation:A Burning Controverame=D

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”

– EPA scientist, Dr. Robert Carton (Downey, 2 May 99)

Why do we never hear any of this?

It Isn’t Just The Water

Adding fluoride to the drinking water causes bioaccumulation in our cells, year after year. If fluoride is in the water, it’s everywhere:

* growing vegetables and fruit

* washing vegetables and fruit

* in the meat of animals who have drunk fluoridated water

* in toothpaste

* in canned foods

* in processed foods

* in soft drinks

* in beer

A 1998 laboratory analysis done at Sequoia Analytical Labs in California showed very high concentrations of fluoride in the following foods:

* Dole pineapple, canned

* Snapple

* Coke Classic

* Hansen’s soda

* Minute Maid orange juice

* Gerber strawberry juice for babies

* Amstel Lite beer

* Rice Dream

* Sunny Delight orange drink

* Pepsi

These are just a few examples of fluoride levels in some common grocery store items consumed by most Americans. The point is that there’s an notable fluoride content in many, if not the majority of processed foods in our refrigerators and pantries.

That’s not mentioning our fruits and vegetables, even if they’re ‘organic’ but grown with city water. We’re taking in a ton of fluoride from ubiquitous sources. It accumulates over the years in our collagen, bones, and teeth.