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Folks, this is serious!! Forget about not having enough oil or whatever to produce energy. We can survive in the dark.. but you gotta eat!! I do not think we should allow Monsanto to keep screwing with the seeds that produce our food, and then also coerce the farmers into using these junk seeds is lunacy. Forward this to your State and Federal representatives.

GMO Crops Are An Accident Waiting to Happen

A group of Canadian scientists wrote a letter to the Toronto Globe and Mail which warned that genetic drift or pollution from plants gene-spliced to produce medical drugs or industrial chemicals is a disaster waiting to happen.

The letter–signed by retired Agriculture Canada scientist Bert Christie, former McMaster University science dean Dennis McCalla, McGill University animal-science professor Dick Beames, and Dr. Hugh Lehman, an expert in agricultural ethics at the University of Guelph–warns that there is a “high probability” that a StarLink-type contamination incident could occur because of open-air testing and cultivation of crop varieties spliced to produce pharmaceutical drugs or industrial chemicals.

In other words, a person could be eating corn or soybeans or some other common food and instead get a dose of a powerful medical vaccine or drug, or a toxic dose of an industrial chemical.

Toronto Globe and Mail Newspaper May 2, 2001



Already, investigators have found that rats fed genetically modified potatoes had an increased thickening in the lining of their stomach and intestine and a weakening of their immune system.

And now these mad scientists want to put vaccines into the plants.


What these geniuses have failed to fully appreciate is that once these plants are growing it is physically impossible to prevent them from pollinating other plants and contaminating with these new proteins that we have no clue of the long-term consequences of.

The craziness of the entire process is mind-boggling. The vaccines they are using don’t even work, yet they are willing to sacrifice the food supply for it.

If this insanity continues, our grandchildren may not have access to any non-genetically modified food and the health of our society may continue to rapidly decline.

One of the keys to health is good food. Although most of us don’t choose to do so, we can still purchase real unaltered food in this country. The future does not appear to provide that option.

Genetically modified foods did not exist prior to 1995. Ninety percent of the money Americans spend on food is spent on processed foods and seventy percent of processed foods have genetically modified foods in them.

There are NO STUDIES with humans on what happens when one consumes genetically modified foods. The FDA has ASSUMED that they are equivalent to the original and never required any studies to have them approved.

This is despite the fact that this technology has never existed in the history of the world before.

Absolutely Brilliant!

Especially in light of the US Federal track record on genetically engineered safety, which is terrible.

Last year Starlink corn was only approved for animal consumption NOT human consumption. This was because of a concern that could cause allergies in humans. Well Starlink corn would up directly in the human food supply, despite FDA precautions.

There are EIGHT different agencies in the US regulating biotechnology under TWELVE different sets of laws. NONE of the laws had biotechnology in mind when they were passed, as they are 40-50 years old.

This is one of the biggest disasters I have ever seen that is waiting to happen.