Exercise that prolongs your life without even making you break a sweat!

Strenuous physical activity is guaranteed by health “experts” to give you a longer life. Your tissues need oxygen to stay healthy (and to keep you feeling young). The theory is that if you exercise vigorously, you will increase the oxygenation of the blood and, in turn, your tissues. This is simply not true. In fact, the harder you exercise, the lower the oxygen content in your blood, since the body burns oxygen to cover the work load. When your cells don’t get enough oxygen, they degenerate and die. Eventually, this causes YOU to degenerate and die.

There is a way to get the anti-aging, super-longevity effects of exercise you’ve heard about-it’s a method called EWOT, which stands for Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. Exercising while breathing bottled oxygen dramatically increases the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma. This extra plasma-oxygen results in an extensive increase in your total tissue-oxygen level. And the best part? You need only about 15 minutes of mild to moderate exercise with oxygen per day to achieve these anti-aging effects!

Putting EWOT into practice couldn’t be easier. The hardest part will be obtaining the bottle of oxygen necessary to carry out the exercise. In most states, oxygen is available only by prescription. For a referral to an alternative physician who will be open to this treatment, contact ACAM at (800)532-3688 or Once you’ve got the oxygen bottle and are ready to begin exercise (whatever form you choose -from walking on a treadmill, to riding a stationary bike, to simply lifting light barbells), set the oxygen flow to 6 litres per minute, attach the nasal oxygen tube, and begin. After 15 minutes of EWOT, there is a dramatic “pinking up” of the skin. This means that even the tiny capillaries are carrying oxygen to your body’s cells. In essence, if you’re pink and you feel better, it’s working! This method of prolonging your life is so simple that it’s hard to believe it could work-but it does, and you can do it without even breaking a sweat!