MAY 24, 2000

We know it may sound like a hoax, but new research indicates that drinking beer may be good for your heart. Appearing in the latest volume of the esteemed British Medical Journal, the sudsy findings constitute preliminary research into potentially positive connections between beer consumption and heart health.

Drinking between seven and 16 pints of the stuff a week may help protect men against a heart attack, write the study’s authors. Martin Bobak, a senior lecturer in epidemiology and public health at University College, London, and co-author of the report, suggests that the ideal intake may be nine or 10 pints a week.

In the research conducted on men ages 25 to 64 in the Czech Republic, Bobak and his team found that men who drank daily or almost daily and downed up to 16 pints a week seemed to benefit. If they exceeded 16 pints, however, the study found that the protective effects against heart attacks disappeared.

Given this study’s findings and the worldwide popularity of beer, it seems inevitable that more research will be done (quite willingly) on the beer-heart connection. It will be intriguing to see if study results for female beer drinkers turn out to be similar to those found in men.