L-TYROSINE (Antidepressant Amino Acid) – 100 Capsules


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L-Tyrosine supplies 500 mg per capsule. Use it with anxiety; depression; alcoholism; drug withdrawal; and with thyroid, adrenal or pituitary hypofunction. Use one to two capsules, three times a day. L-Tyrosine can be very useful for thyroid hypofunction (in addition to the amount that’s in Thyrostim) and in some cases of adrenal and pituitary hypofunction. When required for endocrine hypofunction, two to four capsules per day are generally indicated. It can make the difference in many endocrine problems.



**Each capsule supplies:

Tyrosine (as L-tyrosine) 500 mg
(“Non-hydrolyzed, naturally produced, free-form L-amino acid).

RECOMMENDATIONS: One (1) capsule three (3) times each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Contains: 100 Capsules
Product #: 5250
NDC: 55146-05250



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