CYTOZYME-LV (Neonatal Bovine Liver Tissue) – 60 Tablets


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Cytozyme-LV is a source of toxin-free neonatal bovine liver tissue. Biotics Research recently conducted several tests on their liver sources for pesticides, herbicides, xenobiotics, and so forth and in every case, the level of toxins was below the equipment’s ability to detect it. I’ve used the Cytozyme-LV in portal congestion, decreased serum albumin, general liver dysfunction, virus, edema and as a source of B vitamins. Cytozyme-LV is an absolute requirement with specific liver problems.


CYTOZYME-LV (Neonatal Liver)
Each tablet supplies:

Neonatal Liver 300 mg
(raw bovine neonatal gland concentrate)
Superoxide Dismutase 20 mcg
Catalase 20 mcg

SUGGESTED USE: One (1) tablet each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Contains: 60 Tablets
Product #: 3006
NDC: 55146-03006



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