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Bio-D-Mulsion is a natural vitamin D3 (2000 I.U. per drop) in an emulsified liquid form. It is a synergist to calcium and magnesium. We have found it to be effective with diastolic hypotension (low diastolic blood pressure, probably due to a parathyroid dysfunction), bone healing, and osteoporosis.

Generally, we suggest 4000IU to 6000IU per day for patients who avoid the sun, who are house bound, or who have fibroid tumors and/or endometriosis or generalized aches & pains.

Bio-D-Mulsion is also effective in skin rashes, or what’s called “the itch” in the medical journals. Cortical creams are not always effective on the itchy rashes that the dermatologist can’t always find a reason for. Dissolve ten drops of the Bio-D-Mulsion in an ounce of distilled water. Put it on a cotton ball and apply it right onto the rash three or four times a day. Often this will work very nicely to resolve the rash.

When applied topically, Bio-D-Mulsion is also effective in some cases of psoriasis. Do not dilute it in these cases but apply full strength.


In a recent interview with Dr. Michael Holick, Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Biophysics at Boston University Medical Center, I received a startling bit of information (startling to me because I’d never heard it before, despite constantly interviewing people about nutrition). Dr. Holick mentioned that illnesses that seem to be affecting so many people these days, namely chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and myositis (muscle pain), could be osteomalacia in disguise, a bone disease caused by vitamin D deficiency. (In children, osteomalacia is called rickets.) The relevant interview notes read:

“Vitamin D deficiency increases your risk of heart disease, juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and prostate, breast, and colon cancer. It will precipitate and exacerbate osteoporosis, and more important, causes osteomalacia, which masquerades as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or myositis (muscle pain).

Osteomalacia is a mineralization defect of bone, and causes bone pain, and also muscle pain and weakness. Forty to sixty percent of patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or myocitis are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Have your blood level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D measured. [if it’s too low] You need to be treated with vitamin D for three to six months.”

In our interview, Holick also explained that it’s very difficult to get enough vitamin D from diet and that vitamin D deficiency is more and more widespread in our society due to our sunphobia. The best way to prevent deficiency, he says, is to spend a moderate amount of time in the sun on a regular basis, without sunscreen, which essentially stops vitamin D synthesis. The details, along with the research studies to support his statement can be found in his book, The UV Advantage, co-written with Mark Jenkins. In this book, Dr. Holick also gives details as to how much time to spend sunning oneself every week, depending on one’s skin type, the latitude where one lives, and the time of day and time of year. We’re talking minutes here, not hours, but those minutes are apparently very important for health.

Dear Doctor:
I am extremely impressed with Dr. Holick’s work and his recent presentation at ACAM last month proves he must be onto something big since he has been fired from Boston University department of Dermatology!

I can back up this idea that everyone can safely spend 20 to 30 minutes in the sun and thus not need to take the blood test, of which 70% come back abnormal. There is NO question this is important information and his treatment of 50,000 units of Vitamin D really has proven effective.

Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD(H)

Also this from: W. C. DOUGLAS, M.D.:

The sun also rises over the medical establishment.

I’ve often wondered – and more than once in print – how the human race ever managed to survive and thrive if what the mainstream says about sunlight is really true. To hear them tell it, natural sunlight is only slightly less harmful to our health than nuclear fallout! How did we ever last eight million years as an evolving species?

But as usual, my pokings and proddings on the subject have gone all but ignored by conventional medicine. Why? Because of commercial pressures, most likely. After all, how much sunscreen would you buy if they all of a sudden said that getting out in the sun every day was actually GOOD for you?

Every once in a while, though, a mainstream doctor will slip up (or even skip ranks) and agree with me about something…

Such was the case in a New York Times article in which a Boston University Medical Center dermatologist named Dr. Michael Holick re-affirmed what I’ve said all along – that sunlight is good for you because it aids in the body’s production of vitamin D! An expert on Vitamin D with over 30 years of research on the subject under his belt, Dr. Holick cites a deficiency of this vital nutrient as a major factor in osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancers of the skin, breast, prostate, and ovaries and generalized aches & pains…

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because it’s what we’ve been telling you – and the medical establishment – about the benefits of vitamin D for years now!

In the interview, Dr. Holick also mentions that vitamin D plays a vital role in regulating cell growth – and on our immune systems and cardiovascular health. But what are really interesting are his studies on regional sun exposure and vitamin D levels. In one such study, Dr. Holick discovered that 36 percent of young Boston-area adults were vitamin D deficient at the end of wintertime (not too surprising, right)…

But get this: They were still 11 percent vitamin D deficient at the END of summer!

Remember: these figures represented the youngest, most active adults (aged 18 to 29), the hiking, biking, roller-blading, and running demographic. Can you imagine what those figures must be like for older adults with indoor jobs or a less outdoorsy lifestyle? Not good. But this condition is so easy – and fun – to remedy.

My recommendation is that you get outside a little every day, like 30 minutes – especially if you live north of the Mason-Dixon line. Go ahead, play some golf or tennis, do a little gardening, or take a stroll. It’ll do you so much good on so many levels, believe me. Of course, supplemental vitamin D isn’t a bad idea if you’re sure that what you’re taking is of good quality, and highly absorbable like BIO-D MULSION from Biotics Research Corp.
(Italics are Dr. Greene’s comments.)


Biotics Research’s BIO-D MULSION is emulsified so you will absorb just about 100% of each dose. One drop has 2000 units of Vit D. If you have generalized aches and pains and you do not get out in the sun almost daily for 30 minutes, I recommend that you take 10 drops by mouth of BIO-D MULSION daily until the pain ceases, then drop your dosage to about 6000 IU daily. After 30 minutes of skin exposure in the sun you can cover yourself or use a weak sun screen. If the aches are severe then I suggest you do both; use the Vitamin D drops & get into the sun for 30 minutes.

To be sure what doses of Vitamin D you may need if sun exposure to your skin is not sufficient experts suggest you should get a blood test for Vitamin D levels called 25-hydroxy vitamin D. Optimum levels are any values over 40. Preferrably no less than 50.

–W. Greene, D.C.



**Each drop supplies:

Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 2000 IU

Bio-D-Mulsion is an oil-in-water emulsion. Vitamin D oil has been dispersed into microscopic particles to aid absorption and assimilation.

WARNING: FOR ADULT USE ONLY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Use only as recommended unless otherwise directed by a health care professional. Excessive consumption of Vitamin D has been shown to cause serious health problems.

RECOMMENDATION: One (1) drop each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

2000 IU Vit D Contains: 1 oz (750 drops)
Product #: 1012
NDC: 55146-01012



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