WATER and OXYGEN WATER – Maintains Alkalinity & Hydration; and Provides Oxygen to The Tissues

The human body is composed of about 70% water. The quality and correct quantity of water we drink daily is very important. The water we drink daily should be slightly alkaline, contain some of the mineral magnesium and contain as much oxygen as possible? that is, to have the best water to drink.

By drinking oxygen-enriched water, the oxygen in that water is immediately bioavailable to the cells of our body. What are some of the benefits of drinking water with extra oxygen:

* Increased energy & metabolism
* Improved endurance
* Improved thought processes & mental clarity
* Enhanced immune system function
* Anti-bacterial & anti-viral effects
* Decreased body aches & pains
* Enhanced athletic performance

Most people feel the difference within 5 minutes after beginning to drink oxygenated water. Oxygen-rich ?cocktails? have been given to European Olympic athletes for years.

There have been several oxygenated waters on the market for years. But the Oxygen-enriched water that I recommend is called hiOsilver Oxygen Water. I prefer this water because it comes from a spring deep in the earth in Modesto California. The people there really protect where this water comes from.

Their water is also slightly alkaline with a pH of 8.4 and has high levels of Magnesium at 34 mg per 12 ounce bottle. The folks at hiOsilver Oxygen Water take this naturally alkaline water and load it with medical-grade Oxygen gas, so that this water has about 10 times the oxygen content as regular water. And, another important thing about this water is that it is bottled in glass. This is to keep the O2 dissolved in the water because plastic allows the O2 to leak out. And, of course, plastic is toxic as it is leached into the water.

Clinical studies have shown that this water is performing miracles in the blood within 5 minutes. The doctors at M D Anderson hospital were amazed at the improvement in blood pictures of several patients.

Approximately 99% of all of us are severely acidic. This is a very unhealthy state for our bodies to be in. Our body’s musculoskeletal system, organs & glands function best when they are in an alkaline state. When in an alkaline state the tissues retain Oxygen. When the tissues are acidic they lose Oxygen and become unhealthy. If this acidic state persists for any extended period of time disease will ensue.

Disease conditions like:

* Pain & diminished energy
* Depression
* Loss of memory & mental clarity
* Headaches
* Insomnia
* Diabetes
* Recurrent infections
* Allergies, hives, psoriasis, acne
* Heart problems, atrial fibrillation, etc

The alkaline nature of this water neutralizes the acidity in our bodies, gently and dramatically improving the overall health of everyone.

How much should you drink?

I suggest one 12 ounce bottle of hiOsilver Oxygen Water twice daily? once in the morning about 10 AM and in the afternoon at 2 or 3 PM. If one has a serious medical condition I suggest 3 to 4 bottles daily, under your physician’s supervision, of course. I also advise you not to drink hiOsilver Oxygen Water past 6 PM.


All of my patients have been instructed in the proper use of good quality drinking water. For most of our drinking water we suggest Mountain Valley Spring Water. This water is also slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.8 and also comes in glass containers. Mountain Valley Water comes from the Hot Springs region of Arkansas where this water has been in use since 1871. The quality of this water has remained remarkably constant through the years. The mineral content, the microbe-free nature of this water and the alkalinity has remained unchanged for over 130 years. Through drought or flooding conditions Mountain Valley Water remains the same. I do not believe there has been any other water on this planet that has been analyzed in the laboratory as much as this water has.

There is only one way to properly hydrate your body:

Sip one mouthful of water (about 2 ounces) every 30 minutes daily, while awake, while you are alive. If you are perspiring (exercise, etc) then sip one mouthful every 15 minutes. If you drink too much water at one time you run the risk of dehydrating yourself.


AMAC Water Products of Houston, Texas is one of only four national distributors of hiOsilver Oxygen Water. They also distribute Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Their Address & telephone number is:

6714 Northwinds Drive
Houston, Texas 77041
Office: 713.937.8630
Fax: 713.937.0489