Gamma Oryzanol, extracted from rice bran oil and rice germ oil, is a ferulic acid ester of triterpene alcohols. It increases levels of ferulic acid from 0 to 200 mg/ml in one hour, with levels still above base line six hours after oral intake.

Clinical consideration: PMS, menopausal symptoms, athletic amenorrhea, exposure to free radical generators such as chemicals an x-rays, elevated blood lipids, low blood pressure, hypoadrenia, eating disorders, gastritis, gastric ulcers, depression, obsessive/compulsive disorder, severe nervous tension. For an increase in growth hormone production and fat burning the dose is: 2 tablets 3 times daily with meals. Athletes: athletic training, body building, 2-4 tablets 1/2 hr. before and after workout, 2 tablets at bedtime. Elevated Blood Lipids: 4 tablets after each meal.

Transferulic acid and Gamma Oryzanol have been shown to raise the levels of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine (NE), dopamine and serotonin. How neurotransmitter levels are raised is not known. Possib1y by directly stimulating neurotransmitter production, diminishing negative feed back, inhibiting NE breakdown enzymes, or simply blocking of the re-uptake of NE and serotonin from the synaptic cleft.

o Raised level of neurotransmitters is far reaching. NE acts hormonally to increase vasoconstriction, glycogen breakdown, and fatty acid and glucagon release and raise growth hormone levels.

o NE is the primary synaptic neural transmitter. Enhancing levels of NE makes Gamma Oryzanol a “natural modulator” of the hypothalamus (center of the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems). It is also a natural modulator of the center of the central limbic system (control center of other autonomic functions as well as certain aspects of mood emotion and behavior); also of the locus ceruleus of the pons, of the brain stem, of the adrenal medulla.

o Mental depression psychosis is estimated to afflict 8 million people in the United States at any one time. Evidence has accumulated indicating the mental depression psychosis is related to diminished formation of either NE or serotonin or both. Drugs that block the formation of NE or serotonin such as resperine frequently cause depression. Keeping the regulating systems firing (higher sustained levels of neurotransmitters), would allow a sense of well being, thus bringing about stress reduction.

The phenolic structure of ferulic acid acts as a sink for free radicals giving it immediate antioxidant properties for free radical conditions. Pure ferulic acid has a short half-life unless bound to a sugar (glycoside) or sterol (gamma oryzanol). The slowing of the aging process has been demonstrated in test animals, as well as the reversal of some degenerative conditions.

Gamma Oryzanol has been used safely in dozens of human trials. There were virtually no toxification or side effects, even at doses of 600 mg. daily over 8 weeks.

Gamma Oryzanol, a chemical cousin to cholesterol, has the favorable lipotropic effect of blocking cholesterol absorption and lowering serum cholesterol levels.

Supplementation increases growth hormone production in animal studies by Biotics Research. Chickens given 0.1 mg of Gamma Oryzanol per day, showed 40% growth increase, so that the chickens were ready for market at 5 1/2 to 6 weeks as opposed to the normal of 8 to 10 weeks for the controls. This is a 173% growth increase over 90 days. Efficiency for converting food to body weight for the growing chickens fed Gamma Oryzanol was also noted. Only 2.5 pounds of feed was required for every pound of weight gain when supplemented with Gamma Oryzanol. The normal amount of 3.5 pounds o feed for every pound of weight gain was needed in the control group of animals.

Strength athletes seeking weight gain over a 16-week period surpassed all the steroid users’ girth measurements. They also noted body fat reduction giving better muscle definition, improved recovery after workout, less fatigue, reduced muscle soreness that follows heavy workout, strength increases and endurance.


Each tablet of Gammanol Forte with FRAC from Biotics Research Corp. supplies 50 mg FRAC; a mixture of water-soluble, free transferulic acid and free sterols from natural plant source and 25 mg of Gamma Oryzanol as purified plant extract. Dr. David Brownstein, MD showed positive increases in serum IGF-1, which represents growth hormone production.