Gold (Au)

Au – Gold is found igneous and sedimentary rocks at 0.004 ppm; fresh water at 0.00006 ppm; sea water at 0.000011 ppm; marine plants at 0.012 ppm; land plants 0.0005 to 0.002 ppm (gold concentrates in the horse tail plant); marine animals 0.0003 to 0.008 ppm; land animals 0.00023 ppm and in mammalian liver forms a colloid.

Gold compounds (gold sodium thiomalate, gold thioglucose also known as aurothioglucose) are frequently given by allopathic physicians as an add on therapy with salicylates (aspirin) for arthritis when added pain relief is required. Gold has been reported only to be effective against active joint inflammation and is not usually helpful for advanced destructive rheumatoid arthritis.

Gold is not analgesic but may have anti-inflammatory effects. Standard doses are given IM at weekly intervals: 10 mg initially, 25 mg second week and 50 mg per week until a total of 1 G has been administered then the maintenance dose is reduced to 50 mg every two to four weeks. Relapse is expected three to four months after withdrawal of the gold treatments.

Gold compounds are not to be used in patients with liver or kidney disease, blood diseases or SLE.

Toxic reactions to gold therapies include pruritus (itching), dermatitis, stomatitis, GI discomfort, increase in urine albumin, blood in the urine, aplastic anemia, reduced WBC, hepatitis and pneumonitisin.

Gold compounds have been used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis since the early 1940s. Although the manner in which gold compounds produce their beneficial effects is not known, and although other agents are known to suppress rheumatoid disease, gold continues to be used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Although most foods apparently contain only a few nanograms or less of gold per gram and the dietary gold intake is probably

There is Hope for MS
by Anya Wolfenden, M.A.Dimensions, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Edgar Cayce a famous medical psychic (1877-1945) had much to say about the cause and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. As Delany explains it, Cayce attributed the cause of MS to a hormonal imbalance in the bloodstream which causes glands in the liver to under-respond (hypofunction). This leads to the inadequate absorption, distribution and utilization of trace amounts of gold normally present in the diet. Without sufficient amounts of gold in the body, neurotrophic glands, located in various segments of the spine, cannot secrete hormones that maintain the nerves. “The result is a sclerosal process that begins in the lower portion of the spinal cord and gradually progresses upward to the brain.” Although there must be a congenital predisposition to get the disease, Cayce said, MS can be triggered by poor diet, spinal injury, liver congestion, infection, childbirth, even negative attitudes.

In addition to special attention to diet, and spinal adjustments, Cayce recommended the Wet Cell, an appliance that directly conducts vibrations of vital elements such as gold and silver into the body. This permits the absorption of nontoxic amounts of metal into the bloodstream to be utilized at the cellular level. Apparently, by decongesting the liver, correcting spinal subluxation, and routinely adding amounts of vibrational gold to the system, nerves can begin to regenerate.

Geology, Trace Elements and Health
Harry V. Warren

Soc. Sci. Med. Vol. 29, N0. 8, 1989

Gold and Arthritis

In 1981 gold was found in honeybee pollen in amounts as high as 0.9ppm (dry weight). Doctors advised that to be effective the gold in pollen would have to be more concentrated. Since then we have found two plants-Phacelia sericea and Dryas drummondi–which carry 25-50 times as much gold as any other plants with which they are associated. Unfortunately both these plants, like Ergonium ovalifolium, grow at elevations around 6000 ft in British Columbia, elevations at which honeybees are not normally found. As yet we have not found it practical to collect enough pollen from these plants to carry out further investigations. Because honeybee pollen dissolves readily on the human tongue, an incentive for future work is suggested. Likewise the copper content of pollen from plants with an abnormally high copper content might well repay investigation.

NOTE: Mr. Warren is making the point that if you can use the trace mineral gold in an organic form (water-soluble) the human body can tolerate the treatment without toxic side effects and in sufficient concentrations still maintain efficacy of the treatment objectives.