GAMOCTAPRO (Protein Powder Supplement) – 20 oz. Liquid


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GamOctaPro is a source of high quality, isolated soy protein. It contains branch chain amino acids, lecithin, gamma oryzanol, free transferulic acid (FRAC), octacosanol and bromelain. All of those nutrients in the product facilitate the utilization of the branch chain amino acids and proteins.

GamOctaPro is lactose-free and carbohydrate-free, and for most people, it’s significantly less allergenic than many of the milk or egg white protein supplements available.

GamOctaPro is an excellent source of protein for patients who are on a reduced carbohydrate diet, the type of diet you would consider with dysinsulinism, carbohydrate sensitivity, or obesity. It is also an excellent supplement for people who exercise frequently and require a high quality protein supplement.


(isolated Soy Protein)

**Two (2) tablespoons supply:

Protein 25 gm
Lecithin 140 mg
Gamma Oryzanol 25 mg
FRAC 5 mg
Octacosanol 1,000 mcg
Bromelain 15 mg

SUGGESTED USE: Two (2) heaping tablespoonsful (1 oz) with 8 to 12 oz of chilled water, fruit juice or milk.

Contains: 16 Ounces
Product #: 6502
NDC: 55146-06502


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