D-RIBOSE – ( Potent ATP Energy Producer) – 300 Gm


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Low energy is probably the No. I complaint I hear from my patients. But in many cases, the underlying problem may be more serious than “just getting older.” It can actually reflect reduced energy in the cells, much like a battery wearing down and needing to be recharged. And the key to boosting cellular energy is to provide the cells with the fuel they need to function at peak performance, the enzyme adenosine triphosphate (ATP). How? With a simple five-carbon sugar found in every cell of the body called D-ribose, or simply “ribose,” the cellular battery recharger.

Ribose’s main function is to regulate the production of ATP– major source of energy for all your cells. This action makes it useful for all sorts of conditions, including heart disease, congestive heart failure, and fibromyalgia. It’s even good for supplying extra energy for workouts, and restoring energy after sustained exertion.

Ribose can be made naturally in the body, but it’s a slow process limited by several enzymes that are lacking in heart and muscle cells. There are no foods containing ribose in any substantial amounts. Still, under normal circumstances getting enough ribose isn’t a problem. But when the heart or our muscles are challenged from stress or lack of oxygen for any number of reasons, they need an extra ribose boost to restore ATP levels.

Main Biological Function: rebuilds the ATP energy pool
* only compound in body that rebuilds-recharges ATP energy stores
* raises hypoxic thresholds & improves athletic performance
* builds lean mm mass
* reduces cramps & soreness
* reduces exercise-induces joint swelling
* after short-burst exercise, ribose helps to restore energy levels in 12 to 36 hours compared with the body’s natural rate of 7 to 10 days.
* synergestic effect with Creatine & CoEnzyme Q
* enhances immune function
* helps to produce DNA & RNA



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