CYTOZYME-TRACHEA (Immunostimulant Factors) – 180 Tablets


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Cytozyme Trachea is concentrated bovine trachea from neonatal bovine source. The usual therapeutic dosage is three capsules, three times a day, and four capsules at bedtime. This is the nine gram dose indicated in the research literature. Doctors use Cytozyme Trachea for immune system enhancement and free-radical pathology, (research conducted by John Prudden, M.D.), and other conditions where shark or bovine cartilage would be considered.

Research indicates bovine trachea is more effective than shark cartilage at significantly lower levels. Seventy grams of shark cartilage daily are required to reach therapeutic levels versus nine grams of bovine trachea. That’s based on a person’s weight of 150 pounds. Also, we are killing sharks at an alarming rate to the point that they may be put on the endangered species list if the unrestricted slaughter of them is not abated.

One of the dangers of shark cartilage is that it prevents the growth of new capillary beds. The early manufacturers refused to warn people who were trying to gain body mass or women who are pregnant that this was a potential hazard for this product. Biotics trachea product has immune stimulating effect; Even Dr. Prudden doesn’t know what the mechanism is yet. Bovine trachea is a far safer substance. It doesn’t prevent the formation of new capillary beds.

Shark cartilage is also 22 percent (by weight) calcium. If your calcium levels are already high, this significant level of calcium in shark cartilage could create hypercalcemia.

Several veterinarians are using Cytozyme Trachea. They find it to be effective for bone problems, hip displacement, which is common in large canines, and cartilage problems. It wasn’t designed originally for these conditions, but the veterinarians say they get better clinical results in these conditions than they do with even purified chondroitin sulfates.



**Two capsules supply:

Neonatal Bovine Trachea Concentrate 1,400 mg

RECOMMENDATION: Two (2) capsules three (3) times each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Contains: 180 Capsules
Product #: 3008
NDC: 55146-03008


Dr. John F. Prudden and Bovine Tracheal Cartilage Research, H. Krsiegel, Alternative and Complementary Therapies: April/May 1995.

Since 1954, Dr. John Prudden’ has used bovine tracheal cartilage to treat wound healing, herpes infection, allergies, rheumatism and arthritic diseases. It has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions from inflammatory diseases to more serious problems. Bovine cartilage demonstrates factors that are primarily immunostimulatory and antimitotic capable of inhibitory cell division), playing a part in normalizing aberrant cells and has a substantial 20 year track record.

Recently, with only a 2 or 3 year track record, Dr. William Lane, while endangering shark populations by promoting the more expensive shark cartilage, widely advertises the concept of antiangiogenesis (inhibits the growth of new blood vessels). Lane, for his proof, quotes the earlier work of Dr. Judah Folkman on antiangiogenesis. But,Folkman seriously objects to Lane misquoting him because orally used, antiangiogenic macroproteins are digested and destroyeed by stomach acid. It’s the same reason insulin is unable to be used orally.



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