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DCNutrution – Free Nutritional Health Survey


Virtual patient-physician interaction and evaluation will be essential in the next evolution in healthcare. As such, I do not charge a fee for my virtual evaluation on this website. My goal is to help you get and stay healthy. This new model is part of the future of healthcare and we, with help of Biotics Research Corp. and other medical sources, will be on the cutting edge. A virtual evaluation is not meant to replace the face-to-face visit with your own personal physician, but is intended to complement it.

In an attempt to provide you with general nutritional health information you may feel free to fill out the following Health Assessment. By answering the questions on the assessment we can give you some general information to aid you and your personal physician in overcoming a health problem.

Remember this Health Assessment is for educational use only and not meant to diagnose any health condition or prescribe any specific remedy. This information is designed to help one begin the process of study so you can be more informed as to various treatment options that may be available of which you may be unaware.

Nevertheless, I think you will find the results of working with the Health Assessment most informative and interesting. I welcome any and all suggestions to help better this Assessment Form.

Thank You.


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