Dear Sirs

This is to inform you that ever since you have created the National Cholesterol Education Program I believe you have done more to HARM the health of the citizens of this country by making everybody afraid of cholesterol. Shame on you. Look at all the unscientific nonsense and manufactured evidence you have. Cholesterol is the best thing going in our bodies. So are the naturally occurring fats such as tallow and coconut oil. Since this low-fat nonsense has been forced on to the United States we have become fatter and less healthy in general, heart disease has continued to increase and cancer rates go up unabated.

You and the American Soybean Association have single-handedly done more to harm everybody’s health by making folks and food makers switch to the toxic and dangerous hydrogenated oils. And you damn well know it too.

I cannot believe that an education organization such as yours believes hydrogenated fats are healthier than tallow or coconut oil.


Please, the people of this country, especially our children, need you to cease this nonsense, quit indicting cholesterol and help us to get the hydrogenated fats and now the new interesterified fats out of our foods. They are slowly killing us all.

I also realize that the cholesterol controversy is very political. I don’t care. Somebody somewhere in your organization has to have the guts to look at what is happening; to go after the truth. The truth is we don’t need a cholesterol education program. Cholesterol is not the problem: Your organization IS the problem, along with the American Heart Association’s guidelines on cholesterol… or rather the drug companies guidelines. (Oh, by the way, another cholesterol-lowering drug was taken off the market again. Since I started in pharmacy 40 years ago that makes about 10 or so drugs of these types that have been removed, i.e. THEY DON’T WORK AND THEY ARE DANGEROUS!).

I dare whoever it is that receives this e-mail to take this message to the top honcho of your organization. I do not need a reply to this e-mail. I will be watching to see how long it will take for the “cholesterol bashers” to admit they were wrong

Winston Greene, R.Ph, D.C.

Houston, Texas

Sept. 2001